Feral Ponies are a four-piece rock band from Newark, Delaware, featuring April Higgins (vocals), Pat Higgins (bass/vocals), Alex Voegele (guitar/vocals), and Mike Edwards (drums). Their melodic riffs and lead vocals, together with a driving rhythm section and riotous choruses, create a dynamic sound that has been compared to bands such as X, Vice Squad and The Go-Go’s. Despite any similarities to other acts, the band has come up with it’s own blend of upbeat and catchy, yet dark and poignant punk rock.

In 2014, the band released their first EP, “Division of the Dolls”, which included four studio tracks and three live tracks. In 2016, Feral Ponies recorded their first full length record, “Blame it on the Classics” which was released on vinyl, cd and digital download with Panic State Records in December 2016.

The members of Feral Ponies are all veterans of the local music scene and are active in multiple projects including Disaster Committee and Alex Voegele (solo).

Pat Higgins uses Ashdown Amplifiers and Stringjoy Bass Strings